Each type of lotion has a variety of scents. If you are looking for something specific message us and we can work on a custom order. 

  • Shea body lotion - this is really good for an overall general body lotion. It can be used as much as wanted and anywhere needed! Is has a Shea butter base that takes a little longer to absorb but leaves you feeling nourished. 
  • Summer Lotion - This lotion is thin and is great to give your skin some nourishment after being in the sun all day!! 
  • Shea Body Butter - This body butter is thicker. It can be used to rejuvenate your skin from the dry weather. It consist of Shea butter and some Vitamin E 
  • Facial Lotion - Oils rich in nutrients help to nourish your face and leave you feeling moisturized all day long.