Why we got started!

Why we got started!

Our family is located in Kentwood, Michigan. We have three wonderful children. Our family was forced to become very aware of what we were bringing into the house. At the young age of 2 our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease. This would be a relief as we had struggled with medical issues for the previous year but would also open our eyes to the difficulty involved in attempting to maintain a gluten free home to keep her safe. Establishing a new menu for our family took work but was successful. As we turned our watchful gaze to our bathroom we realized that not only did we have gluten in the products that we were using to stay clean, but we also had little to no understanding of most of the chemicals that were being used in our products. We needed to know what we were using was safe, so we started making our own. Today our to stay safe has evolved into a fun craft coming to a bathroom near you

Enjoy the Luxurious Feel of Locally Handmade Soaps and Lotions

When you need beauty products, look no further than Bomb N Bath. We hand craft bath bombs, body scrubs, lotions and other goods in fun exciting colors and unique scents.

We use only the best ingredients to make our beauty products. Ditch your old soaps and lotions for good. Take a look at the inventory offered by Bomb N Bath today.

If you're tired of looking at product after product only to find they're all filled with chemicals, try Bomb N Bath. Place your order as soon as possible. You can always call 616-350-5128 with questions about our goods.